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Mangalore – Udipi – Day 4

After an amazingly hectic Day 3 – I was dying for a break – but today was the day we were going to Udipi and so let me not think ’bout the break. Today was also the day we realized that our budget for the trip was shot 😦 Everytime we ate at the restuarant – we compared the prices with our Bengaluru prices and smiled. However, eating out everyday can mess up ur budget and we found that out while writing the accounts for the last 3 days.

Day 4
After having messed the Panamboor beach visit, I was eager to make amends by suggesting that we go there in the morning before we check out of the hotel and proceed to Udipi. dscf1106The Arien was amazed, I can tell you – he had been sure I would say “Lets laze the morning away’ – Thats why I like to be unpredictable – it works everytime 😀 So we started for the Panamboor beach – I thought I knew the way but I was mistaken and the person whom we asked said that we were on the right track – though both of us felt otherwise.
Anyways, we lost a lot of time going towards Ullal beach and then we had to turn around and head towards Panamboor. These things are pretty nornal when you travel to a place you have not been to but Arien was cheesed off. He wanted to kick the guy whom we had asked 😀
We finally reached the Panamboor Beach which has a board, well hidden by trees that says “Welcome to Mangala” – Ob. the “ore” pronounced “oor” was added a lot later. Mangalore was originally called Mangala – Hmmm.  Must tell Mangala that. 😛
While I pointed this out, the Arien was more intent on reaching the beach and ’bout the loss of time and growled in response. As usual, it was pretty warm by the time we reached the beach. dscf1111We walked around the beach enjoying the breeze, waves as we walked the length of the beach.
There were not too many folks out and it looked lovely. It was sunny and so we tried to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays using a colorful floral umbrella that looked totally out of place in the Arien’s hands 😀 
We collected quite a few shells as we walked along the beach – I saw that some of these shells kinda disappeared into the sand after the wave went back – we also saw a dead star fish – it was black on one side.
As it started getting sunnier, I suggested moving back to the Hotel, checking out and get started on the journey to Udipi – which was readily agreed to by the Arien – I guess the sun killed his enthu.
We ate at a local resturant for budget reasons and moved towards Udipi. On our way, we passed Suratkal – did not have time to see the Suratkal beach and so we sped on. The resort was 20 km shy of Udipi. I was hoping we would not lose our way once again.  Thankfully, we did not. The first sight of the resort was heartening. We felt that this part of the  trip would probably be sooper – in fact, better than what it was earlier. Well, that was before we saw our rooms 😦
Well, for now, we were absolutely thrilled 🙂 The beach was 5 mts away and looked awesome. Of course, the first thing I noticed was that it was a coconut grove and not palm as specified – well, that kinda bugged me – anyways- we spoke to the person-in-charge and went to check out the room. We had the beeegest shock. It could have been a HomeStay – def not a resort.
On Day 3, we had checked out the Summer Sands resort which was simbly funtastic and they were charging the same as Paradise Isles and we felt that since our trips were not the “Lets stay in the room and watch TV” types – so we felt – y waste the amount. That was a mistake. 😦
Anyways, the Arien was terribly cheesed off – not that I was happy but whats the point in getting upset – either we decide to move out or we stay and if we are staying – it is better to find sm reason to b happy. I am not usually like this … So it was a welcome change. 😀 Anyways, the beach was 5 mts away and so we need not get so bugged ’bout the staying arrangements – was wht I decided.
We felt like some rest – and thot it wud be a gud idea to rest a bit – we were asleep in 5 mts – Arien was snoring away and we actually awoke 2.5 hrs later – I guess we did not know how tired we were. 😀