Mysore Zoo

1-MZ-owlA visit to Mysore is never complete without a visit to the Zoo. In the years following this trip, the zoo trip will become all the more important since we’ll have a toddler accompanying us everywhere. Anyway, this was before the toddler arrived and from when we were the happy-go-lucky couple who enjoyed traveling and doing all things touristy.

Anyway, I loved the zoo because I could see the Giraffes and it 1-MZ-wtwas one helluva walk. This time was no different. I wanted the Arien to take some pictures of the animals and birds in the zoo. The first picture was of the glass-eyed stern-looking owl. The second was of the white tiger that was fast asleep. It obviously could not and would not move while people goaded him to wake up and do something, anything. That seemed so cruel that we moved on.

cheetahThe arien took exactly 2 snaps and refused to take any more.His actual words were more to the effect that it was not challenging to take pictures of caged or captive animals and birds blah blah and so I had to be happy with what I got.

Of course, this was before he saw the Usain Bolt of the animal kingdom. The cheetah was the latest addition and a great attraction in the zoo. All the people stood around the cage while the cheetah refused to look at us. Finally, he turned his face, and licked his skin very much like a cat and we got a nice shot of him. 1-MZ-bb

The last shot was of the black buck. We visited Maidenhalli to see the black buck and so this was kinda like an easy shot. We usually struggle a lot to get a nice shot of the black buck and this seemed too easy that we really jes had to.

We were driving back tomorrow and so that was the end of the Mysore trip. We had a nice but hectic time. It was fun.


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