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Happy New Year 2015 – I am Back!

Just when you thought I had shut shop and moved on.. I am back! And not with a vengeance- just trying to catch up with my travels. Luckily there have not been that many.

Happy New Year 2015 – I hope it is a good one!

2013 and 2014 have been eventful in my personal space and a lot has changed. But, hopefully not the number of trips that we take year after year.

First the good news, because some of my trips happened a while ago and I doubt I can remember things accurately, I am going to be writing small posts only. I can hear your sigh of relief 😦

The bad news, this is only for the trips where I cannot remember accurately 😀 A long post may slip in – you never know. Knowing me and my writing – most of you are probably going wink, wink, eye roll and “short post ha!!” – Well, wait n watch 😀

I wonder if my writing style has undergone any change. Well, you can tell me 😉

See ya soon.