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Where we stayed @ Kodai

Because the Arien took so many snaps, I am writing a post exclusively to showcase the resort and the Arien’s snaps. You may recall that we took a while to find the resort but the wooden cottage was so beautiful and cozy that all our crankiness vanished when we were shown to our room. The resort is almost adjacent to Coaker’s Walk which was a big advantage in the sense that we could walk to one of the sight-seeing spots instead of taking the car. I think the resort will be lovely in the summer months. However, because we were there in November with almost no sun – the fact that I like the place inspite of it  means a lot.

We had a gigantic umbrella at our disposal in case we wanted to explore the resort during the incessant rain. Hardly a good idea during the awful rain but so useful when you want to get to your car from your lovely cottage without getting wet. The Arien wanted to take it with us as we went sight-seeing 😛 He can be funny at times.

The interior of the wooden cottage was almost L-shaped. As soon as you enter, the washroom is on your right. The wash area is a good example of how to use the available space well. The bed has been placed in the L-shaped space adjacent to the wash area with two arbid paintings on the wall. There are two side-tables on both sides with lamps fixed to the wall. Looks very cozy when the lights are switched on. The three stools in the corner look wobbly but are actually quite sturdy and comfortable.

There was a nice sofa-cum-bed type thing which was quite comfy. In fact, it became the place where we dumped the camera, wallets, purse, all the chargers (camera, cell, etc.), some eatbles, etc. etc. This snap was taken before it became the dumpyard of our stuff and as you can see – it looks neat and nice. The Arien liked the sofa-cum-bed a lot. He wanted to get a similar one for our home and took a zillion pics so he could explain it to our carpenter. Basically, it had a wooden base, or a gigantic palaga that was attached to the wall. Atop that sat two separate huge cushions (no other term comes to mind). Because the cushion was so comfortable, we did not realize the simplicity of the design. 

The resort was nice and service was good. We had a nice time. On the second day of our stay, the house-keeping folks arranged the towels in a swans-in-love like posture. Naturally, I was too engrossed in what I was saying that I did not notice it until I sat on the bed. I jumped and almost fell off the bed. I thought it was a snake! Instead of being a romantic surprise – it was a rude shock for me and the Arien burst out laughing.

He has taken two nice snaps of the towel decoration or hotel art.  Usually, big hotels have this and so it was kinda unexpected and very nice at the same time. Of course, that was after I got over my initial shock. The first snap is without any fancy lights – it looks kinda plain but captures all the details.

The second snap looks real romantic with all the lights and I personally like this snap better tho’ I gave a lot of grief to the Arien when he was trying to shoot this snap.


Visit to the Aurobindo Ashram

I cannot recall when I first visited the Aurobindo Ashram. I was aware that both my parents were staunch believers of the Mother and I vaguely recall having visited the Ashram to learn eye exercises. We used to visit Pondicherry at least once every year for a really loong time. This was my first trip where the objective was not to only visit the Ashram. The Ashram is quite close to the beach road but it took us forever to find the place. When we managed to find the place, I found that it had not changed much and suddenly I had tears in my eyes. It was weird. I was probably feeling overwhelmed ’bout visiting one of the places of my childhood memories. Everything seemed exactly the same. The Ashram has the samadhis of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Cameras are not allowed inside the Ashram and so this is the only picture we could take of the Ashram. I did not want to spend too much time inside and so we left.

As I mentioned earlier, all the streets have French names that are very difficult to pronounce. While there are sign boards all over the place, they are not really tourist-friendly. Of course, it is a small place and after doing multiple chakkars, you will be back right where you started. Also, remember ask natives of Pondicherry ’bout the place you want to visit because almost every third person you see on the road is a tourist. Of course, if you can speak Tamil, half your battle is already won.

What a hectic day. We were very tired and headed back to the resort. We thought it may be a good idea to visit the beach attached to the resort. We changed and went out to the beach and spent exactly 5 minutes when the security guard told us to get back. According to him, some bad elements usually come out to the beach after 7 pm and they did not want any folks who stay at the resort to be embarrassed. Though shocked, we returned to our room. What an end to a nice day!