Wonder La

It was going to be one of my classic lazy sundays when I get up late, have breakfast at lunch time,  and watch re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or a romantic comedy which I would have seen a zillion times already. Well, that was not to be. Usually, I am extremely cranky when my classic lazy sunday is tampered with but I decided to go with the flow for the first time when the plan was to go to Wonder La. I have been crazy ’bout amusement parks and scary rides for a loooong looong time now and have been to Wonder La thrice already with office junta. This was the first time we were going to an amusement park by oursleves in a really looong time.. Shocking 😦

Anyways, we started the day by having breakfast at Adigas (a popular eatery for vegetarians) – which has the fastest service, hugest crowds, tastiest food at the most reasonable prices. It had been our family haunt on sundays before we moved to far far and away. I usually opt for take away, also known as Parcel, because finding a chair or a table is quite impossible at Adigas. Anyways, I was coming here after a loong time and I totally relished the experience and did not do my snob act at standing and gulping down my idli vada 😛 We left in about 20 mts, a record almost, considering that if you had visited Shanti Sagar, you may leave in an hour if not longer 😀

It was a sunny day and I felt that we would be roasted and cooked by the time it would be evening but surprisingly it was not that hot. We paid for the tickets and went in. I was intent on not missing the rides that I had missed earlier because of the shocking crowds.

Regarding the rides, the Maverick is one helluva ride. It actually does an amazing number of somersaults, back-flips, and you spend a lot of time upside-down! You are asked to remove loose change which you have kept in your pocket, spectacles, chains that may fall off etc etc. Dupattas are of course a No-No. The Sky Wheel, which is the giant wheel atop a tower allows you to have a nice view of the entire landscape of Wonder La. 

Thankfully, it does not go at top speed. 
The Pirate Ship, formerly known as Columbus, is more like a pendulum.

The Water rides are altogether too amazing. I had never ventured near the water rides previously and so this was my first time. I was completely terrified and did not go on more than a few rides. Twister was nice and fast and I was real terrified and so closed my eyes towards the end and almost drowned – ok ok I was exaggerating – I got some water up my nose. The Water Pendulum almost gave me a heart attack as I thought we may end up toppling over and the rush is simbly fantastic. The wave pool and the lazy pool are nice if you just want to laze in the water. The artificial waves are generated once an hour or so and ppl throng the wave pool when it is time. They have a new attraction, Friendly Fish, which was a beeg hit among kids. They were so excited that I had to check it out. If you have ever been to Sringeri, where one feeds puffed rice to the fish on the banks of the river… well this attraction is identical except that the fish at Sringeri are dark blue or green in colour while here they are in lovely shades of yellow and orange. 
So if you stay in Bangalore or are visiting and if you are crazy ’bout amusement parks and crazy rides then WonderLa is a must visit for ya 🙂