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A Day of sightseeing at Yercaud

Peacock@zooWe planned to spend the day at Yercaud. Because we had visited Yercaud before, we had an idea of the sigh-seeing spots to visit that day. You can read about my earlier Yercaud visit, here and here.

We visited the Yercaud Zoo, which is nowhere similar to or even close to the Mysore zoo. You can almost see why they say “Proud as a peacock” – the peacock is preening away for the shutterbugs. The zoo was quite crowded and after a few pictures, we were ready to leave.

The next stop was the Yercaud boating place. None of YercaudBoatingus wanted to go boating in the sweltering heat and so we had Chai (again).The Arien want off to shoot more pics. None of the others look all that great and so I am posting only this pic.

The last time also we did not go boating. In fact, we hired cycles to visit the Ladies Seat, Gents seat etc. This time, we took the car and visited the same sight-seeing spots.

The plan was to have lunch at GRT Sky Rocca. This is a picture of the hotel from one of the seats. I am not sure if it is the Ladies Seat or the Kids seat.


The climb was not steep but we were out of breath! It was windy and quite cold and we posed for some pics. Of course, we were giving our best smiles but the wind wreaked havoc on our hair. I am either turning away from the Camera or I am trying to hand comb my hair. Blah!!

Its a distant shot and I doubt you can even make out the hotel in that pic. But, I am sure you can appreciate the height that we were at.

All the climbing made us ravenous. We were ready to eat at Sky Rocca. The place was exactly as we remembered it. The food was somewhere in between good and ok. The Taurean enjoyed the respite from the crazy sight-seeing folks we tend to be when we travel.ViewfrmSkyRocca

The senior Arien was tired and would have ideally liked to sleep after lunch but we were not finished yet. We spent some time at Sky Rocca, enjoying the view and both the Arien and self shared stories of what we did last time we stayed here. The Arien went off to shoot pics — his favorite hobby during our holidays.

And then, we were off again. This time we were visiting a cave temple. I opted out of it because there were a gazillion folks already inside and very few were heading out.


Both myself and the senior Arien stayed outside while the Arien and the Taurean went inside. There was a “santhe” or “jaathre” happening outside with a lot of balloons, giant wheels, ice-cream vendors, etc. which was quite colorful to watch.

After the Arien and Taurean came out, I asked them to check if their wallets were with them. I sound paranoid, I know, but it happens so often. Crowded places and men losing their wallets go hand-in-hand. Luckily, their wallets and the money in it was safe.

The Arien caught sight of a lil boy blowing bubbles and wanted to shoot some pics. We were all ready to leaveBubbleboy but I knew that he would not leave until he got a few shots and so we gave him company. Of course, the model, our boy with the bubbles happily complied. He even refused to look our way though he knew we were shooting his pic.

The last stop for the day was the Montfort school. This time we did not go in but I wanted a snap of the school for my blog so the Arien took one snap of the symbol alone. I told him that I will not be able to figure out anything from this snap and then he took another one.


I finally did not even use it for my post at all :O I opted to use the fruit stack instead. Happens all the time with me. No wonder the Arien refuses to humor me. Maybe I will include it just for that.

It was tea-time and everyone was a lil crabby, including me. A holiday usually involves a siesta, and we had not had ours today and so it was but natural. We stopped at a local sight-seeing spot and had Chai. We were ready to head back to our rooms and retire for the night.


All of us were unanimous in our decision that we would not eat dinner at the hotel and so we drove like crazy until the Taurean spied A2B (Adyar Ananada Bhavan) and then we had a yummy dinner of tasty snacks.

Considering we had had an amazing lunch, we were totally ok to finish dinner with a couple of snacks. We also decided to have our other meals at this place. The Arien looked poised to disagree and I jumped in with a “Can we decide on that later?” and so after a real touristy day, it was time to call it a day!

Oh.. let me not forget the Montfort pic. There you go!


Yercaud – In and Arnd – Part I

Day 2 – Independence day (15th August)

GRT-DiasWoke up at 7 am. On a holiday – thts dawn for me 🙂 Ordered for Chai and Coffee and realized with a shock tht we had not brought toothpaste with us. The lady at the reception promised to deliver it without sounding either irritated or patronizing. I relished my Chai as I sat out in the balcony with Good Day biskuts while the Arien watched Zig Wheels – Skoda Yeti. It was 8:45 wen I realized it was Independence Day! Realizing tht we wud end up missing breaker if we did not get ready – we made haste. Inspite of all the hury-bury, we reached the breakfast buffet at Salem Heights at 9:45. I was informed tht the buffet closes at 10 am. The breakfast buffet consisted of the following items, some of which we indulged in: Idli, Pongal, Bonda, Rava Upma, Semiya, Masala Dosa and omlette on demand, Pancake, French toast, toast, chicken sausage, fresh fruit juice (orange, grape), and fresh fruit. After having the fit-for-a-king meal, we waddled out of the resturant towards the boat house. It was 10:30 am. It was def. a laaate start.

When we reached the boathouse, the Arien sprung his decision of cycling arnd Yercaud to me. I was totally in a “NOOOOO WAAAY” mode but surprisingly – decided to go with the flow. It was a 3 km ride to Ladies Seat and we set off immediately. The first few minutes was a lil tough but manageable and I actually thot it was a good idea. However, in a few minutes, we realized tht the entire 3 km was going to be uphill and we huffed and puffed our way up. By the time we reached the Rose Garden, I was out of breath, perspiring like nobody’s business, and very very mad. We parked the cycles inside the Rose Garden with permission from the lady at the ticket counter. The roses looked pretty bad – lots of congress grass and moss all around – tht the Arien refused to take snaps b’cos it would be an insult to Lalbagh – which he considered better maintained :O

GRTWe walked up another set of steps that lead supposedly to the Child Seat. We huffed and puffed our way up – yet again – and then were pretty glad that we did – the view was amazing. We could actually see our restuarant frm the Child Seat. We also realized that wht we saw everyday was actually the Child Seat and not the Ladies Seat as we had been told!! Of course, we had to use the digital zoom of the camera to identify our room from the Child Seat.  After a few wrong guesses – we finally got it right 😀 It was windy up there and after all the cycling and climbing – we enjoyed the view and took quite a few snaps before we moved towards the Gents Seat.  It was hardly more than a 5 minute walk and the view was almost the same – jes a lil higher. There were not too many ppl at the Gents Seat. Either it was not popular or something was wrong. We did not have the time to figure it out – plus the Arien was getting a lil bored and cranky. 

So, we decided to get going towards the Ladies Seat – which was actually way below. I was not too sure of GentsSeatthe view and also – I was actually not so sure if I wanted to back all the way. but .. as we turned the corner, we realized that if we had not stopped at the Rose Garden – we would have come up to the Ladies Seat, gone further uphill to see the Gents Seat and then visited the Child Seat and totally guzzed the badly maintained Rose Garden.. well, well, well!! We reached the Ladies Seat to find out tht everybody who wanted to see any view was here and also that monkeys found this place highly popular!! Decided to get going wen we saw this roadside artist who said he wud do potraits. Decided to get our potraits done. Sitting still was a huge pain and happily the Arien insisted tht I go first. I think he took arnd 30 mts to complete the potrait – I was stiff frm sitting in the same posistion and holding the same expression and irritated ’bout the zillion folks who gawked either at me or at the potrait. After all tht effort -I was kinda expecting smthng not stupendous but smthng nice at least but  I totally hated the potrait 😦 After the Arien has one look at the completed potrait – he decides not to get his done :((

We walk down to the Rose Garden – pick up our cycles and with a lot of Wooo-hoooo (s) interpersed with brake squeals tht cud have woken up Ghatotgajan we reached the boat house in less than 10 mts.  We head to the Mahindra restuarant near the boat house. We are not really hungry for lunch but we really need smthng – a tea or a snack – and so we head there. The main waiter was surprisingly nice when we mentioned tht we did not want to have lunch… served us a pot of amazing tea and sm snacks. It was only wen the bill arrived tht we realized tht the snacks was on the house. I came away very very impressed.