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SIM’s Park – Coonoor

We decided to drive down to Coonoor and meet my Capri cousin at SIM’s park. We started a bit later than planned but we reached SIM’s park before my cousin didIMG_2573. This gave the Arien an opportunity to start shooting pics. The flowers looked so lovely, bright, and colorful that I could totally understand why I was not getting any response to whatever I was jabbering on about.  As I followed him and he followed the camera, or whatever was pulling him via the camera, we noticed a little sparrow that did not seem scared of us. It actually IMG_2579posed for pictures. Only two of them came out well. But, I could almost feel it saying – “Ok, you got some snaps – Now, can I go on with my work? Thank you.”

In all this, we almost missed my cousin and family walk in until they were almost upon us. After a bit of meet and greet and a few snaps of all of us together taken by the two male members via their camera or iphone, we started walking. As we walked, we came across this little boy selling these bubble makers. My niece wanted one. Soon, she was shooting bubbles in the air. Some of them did not come out too well and then my SIL showed her how to do it – it was fun. The Arien captured those moments too.

IMG_2629As we walked along, the Arien managed to take some really good shots of the flowers, of the bee atop a flower, etc. while I used the opportunity to chat with my SIL, my aunt, my niece, and of course, my cousin. After a bit, everyone was a bit tired of the walking, and we decided to move to the next touristy spot at Coonoor which was Dolphin’s Nose.

Catherine Falls – seen from Dolphin’s Nose

It was crowded and did not feel like there was anything much to do except gawk at the awesome view. Gawk we did 🙂 We also took a few pictures of ourselves and the Catherine Falls as viewed from the Dolphin’s Nose. It was so far away that the snap does not do any justice to the view. The Arien took some amazing shots, yet again. All of us oohed and aaahed over the panorama shot he took of the Dolphin’s Nose.

My cousin was shifting to another hotel in Ooty that day and they were all packed and set. So, we stopped our touristy stuff for the day. After driving to Ooty, and saying Bye to my cousin and family, we drove back to Lovedale where we were put up. We were quite tired and it was good to hit the bed and forget everything. Nice day – not our hectic pace but enjoyable nevertheless.

We have done a number of trips to Ooty and so both of us were ok not to do our hectic touristy stuff and to just relax.



Sightseeing – Coonoor


We drove along, looking out for Keti and reached Coonoor rather quickly.  This place was supposedly named after the Coon tribe. Coon – oor,  is a very quaint place that has this old world charm. We walked into the empty railway station – the last train to Udhagamandalam had left and so there was no one at the station. We wanted to enquire ’bout the train timings but there was no one we could ask. A cleaning lady, seeing our expressions, told us to come tomorrow in the morning so we could buy tickets. We decided not to worry too much ’bout it – but I had kinda made up my mind tht we would travel on this train before we got back to Bengaluru 🙂

The next step was to check out some places in and arnd Coonoor, first on the list was Sims Park. This was supposed to be a major tourist attraction – it was quite like Ooty’s Botanical garden. We saw many different varieties of trees. It was a looong walk, and the Arien was shooting pictures like crazy. He made our camera perform amazing tricks till I had had enough 🙂 The evening sunlight was beautiful and he wanted to make the best use of the light.

A monkey who was minding his business was soon the focus of the Arien’s camera. As you can see from this picture, the monkey is happily chewing on the leaf and the Arien had to go and disturb it.  Either the sound of the click or the flash, disturbed the monkey and it decided to move away. Naturally, the Arien decided on following it, and soon I was following the Arien.  Grr… this is so not the relaxed holiday that I had planned.

The Arien continued shooting pictures of various flowers in bloom. I think we have a zillion pics of various nameless flowers. It reminded me a lot of the time he took pictures of fishes in an Aquarium. I recall, I had asked him to shoot those pictures :O I am not too sure why I come up with these ideas. It was when the Arien went after a butterfly that I kinda lost my temper. Naturally, tht does not faze the Arien at all 🙂 His aim was to capture a fantastic shot and he would do it against all odds – including an angry partner.

I was kinda fed up and started walking towards the exit, when the Arien suddenly joined me. He said there was another path which he found, but he was not really interested and so lets get going. It was almost 5:45 and I was sure it would quickly get dark and so we got going.

Just when we were going to go out of the park, we noticed that some gardeners had ensured tht the name of the park was visible without making use of a board. Very innovative — at the same time, quite common in most gardens. Well, I had been worried if this park was indeed the Sims Park for a while and tht board relieved me of tht tension – around the time wen we were leaving.. Hmmm.. We probably took the path tht was less frequented (no pun intended). The next place we were visiting was Lamb’s Rock. I had never heard of this. We were both reminded of the Phantom’s Rock episode in Wayanad.

Because it was likely to grow dark swiftly, I urged the Arien to drop Lamb’s Rock from the plan and head back to Ooty. Of course, he insisted tht we check tht place out on tht day. So, we kept driving and driving and driving –  I was not too sure if we we were even travelling in the right direction b’cos we hardly saw any vehicles. At 6:20, I urged the Arien to head back because the route we were on did not seem to go anywhere. It reminded me vaguely of the route to Kanheri Caves. However, there were enough boards to assure every1 tht the caves was a short distance away. There was no such thing here.  And then suddenly, we saw the board just ahead of us. By then, we were both a little worried and decided to head back without really visiting the place. Tht was the weirdest visit of ours tht day. We were dead tired by then and I told the Arien tht we shd actually relax now. He agreed. We headed back to the resort for the much-needed relaxation.