The Beach Resort

By the time we reached the resort it was after 2 pm. I got out of the car into the blistering heat and walked into the chaos that was the Reception of the resort. Both the Arien and self were zapped. Someone walked up and asked us to be seated in the already crowded reception area. I wanted to be in our room asap. The Arien went to speak to the resort manager ’bout our booking. It was warm. I felt beads of perspiration running down my face. The month was August and it was very very warm. After 25 solid minutes of waiting, staring at other guests, offering awkward smiles at strangers, gawk at amazingly bad-behaved kids and their indifferent parents – we were finally escorted to our room. 

The room was a welcome sight and so was the fan and AC. I told the Arien that I did not want to step out at all 🙂 He wiped the perspiration from his face before replying that this was the relaxing holiday tht I shd get ready so we do not miss out on anything. Blaaaah 😦 I asked him to take the pics of the room – I knew tht it wud give me ample time to get ready 😀 And that was when I had my biggest shock.

The bathroom had a transparent door on the other side! I thot that maybe it was a glass door where you cud not see in from outside. I requested the Arien to go outside to verify the same.  The glass was transparent and he cud see me as clearly as I could see him!! I was ready to vacate immediately. Who in his right senses would build a bathroom like that?? I was tense and the Arien knew tht his holiday was likely to die a quick death and he called the manager. Apparently, this was something of an attraction at this resort!! I totally failed to understand it. While the Arien laughed – I was tense. He asked them for newspapers which we planned to cellotape to the glass door but it never arrived. The Arien kept on and on ’bout how the wall was so high that no one could really see in.  The Arien made two more calls and then gave up. There were simply toooo many ppl that they absolutely had no time to respond to our queries after informing us that that was the main attraction and acting as if we were slightly looony. Grrr…

I got ready. By the time I was ready, I felt as if a million folks had been watching me get ready. I’m a lil hyper that way 🙂 The Arien meanwhile was all set to visit the sights of Pondicherry and had packed his camera and a small towel in the travel backpack. The towel was thanks to the awfully warm weather. Who would have thought it would be so warm in August? Not us – I wud have def cancelled the trip if I had known Pondy wud b this hot 😦 

I wanted to visit the Aurobindo Ashram. The Arien wanted to check out the beach. There was so much to do and see tht there was really no time to crib ’bout the room or the bath room or the lack of room service. The holiday has officially begun. Yeah!!


A Sudden Trip to Pondicherry

I have not been to Pondicherry in almost 10 years and so when the Arien suggested a holiday there – I was def. interested. Because it was a sudden trip, we just had time to apply for leave the day before and we were off. The senior Arien was a lil peeved that we had not asked him – which was a first. Usually, he has some excuse whenever we ask him to join us. Anyway, we were at Sri Krishna Inn,  having our breakfast and so there was no way, we could return.

It was supposed to be a loong drive. It was to take us 8 hours to reach pondicherry but we found a lot of different routes online that informed us that it was barely a 5 hour journey. Now, thats always heartening to know before a trip. The route we took was:

Bangalore — Hosur — Thiruvannamalai — Dindivanam — Pondicherry. 

We got lost in Thiruvannamalai. We stopped at a nice restuarant, there, for juice which cost us 90 bucks each.  The Arien grumbled about the price but I happily ignored him because the restroom facilities at the hotel was great. We were there before 12 and so it was not even lunch hour. We were delayed because of the break and also because we got lost. Of course, the Arien insisted that we were late only because of the unnecessary juice. Grrr…

It was a lil past lunch time when we reached the Annamalai International Restuarant at Pondicherry. The Arien did not want to have lunch here but I insisted yet again. He is the more practical person amongst the two of us and what he says is always logical but on a holiday – I insist that we leave the practical side at home 🙂 The lunch was good – ambience great and the Arien relaxed. He was soon shooting pictures of the restuarant. It had a renaissance theme and a lot of these murals all over the place. As we were leaving, we enquired ’bout dinner and lunch options and we were happy with what they had to offer though I was sure that the Arien would not at all agree to having any meal here – after today. Grrr..

We also found out that the resort that the Arien had happily booked us into was not in Pondicherry at all. It was actually around 20 kms away from Pondicherry. This did not bode well at all and I was worried that the Arien was going to get all cranky soon but surprisingly he kept his cool. Anyway, we reached our resort around 2 pm and what a welcome we got!!