Udipi – Karkala – Dharmasthala

The morning was spent lazing, packing, having breakfast, and cleaning the car of beach sand 🙂 I was not involved in the last activity – Thank God! Breakfast was an easy affair as the cat was not to be seen. We had thick dosas for breakfast – the Arien totally lowes only a crispy dosa and so he was not tooo happy – I lowe our set dosa type dosas as long as they are served hot and they were and so I was smiling like a cheshire cat 😀

TheClimbThe Arien had come up with a route plan that ensured we were going to have a hectic day ahead. The first visit was to Kharkhala. Kharkhala was famous for the Bahubali monolith and honestly, I believe the heat had affected my head when I had said Yes!  to visiting the monolith. The Bahubali monolith is always atop a hill or hillock and usually involves climbing an amazing amount of steps which requires a huge amount of stamina and sm basic fitness quotient. I had already been to Sravanabelagola where I had literally huffed and puffed away and here I was agreeing to it all over again. We both associated Bahubali and the climb only when we reached the bottom of the hill 😦 Well, the sun did not affect only my head – you know 😀  

The climb was not all that bad this time but it was past 11:30 a.m. and pretty warm – the climb was not too steep and so we made it with fewer breaks. It always feels like an achievement at the end of the climb – but while you are starting – you are sooo cheesed off – At least, I was. Bahubali-K

The unfortunate part of this visit was that this monolith was very badly maintained – it had turned black and was totally non-awe-inspiring 😦 There was a gate at the top and so we could not really go close to the monolith – as well. I am not sure if the gate is opened at a particular time or if the whole place was actually shut down. I felt that those shop keepers could have told us instead of letting us climb it like fools – Grrrr… We saw a bunch of gossipy gals – who looked upset to see us – they were discussing an actor, a boyfriend, and giggling – well, the climb ensured their moms wud not b climbing the same to drag them bk home to attend to sm household chores 😀

BasadeeThe only interesting thing to note was an old structure that is bang opposite to the monolith. We asked the locals what tht building was when we climbed down and had our fill of coconut water and sugarcane juice. The building was known as a basadee. It has 4 identical carved gateways – one for each direction built into the high walls. The Bahubali had so badly affected us that we decided not to venture in that direction in search of smthng that probably is in ruins, currently. This is a picture taken of the basadee from the bahubali summit.

On our way out of Kharkhala, we had to pass via Attur which was famous for its St Lawrence Church. Lawrence ChurchI was worried that we would get lost – ppl sent us off repeatedly in one direction – but tht did not make me less worried – the number of turns that we took – fairly boggled my mind – but we finally found it – Thank God! The grandeur of the church was a sight for sore eyes. It was a serene place. We thought the place was closed as it was almost post lunch. However, few ppl were still around and so we could step in and pay our respects before we continued on our way. Most churches in and arnd Bangalore are so surrounded by other buildings (Real Estate boom?!!) that their beauty is hidden and stays unappreciated. This church was surrounded by trees all arnd and looked very nice.

After we left Attur, we drove for a loong time – debating going for Sringeri vs Dharmasthala. The Arien knew I wanted to visit Sringeri – it was not too way off – only 40 kms – which roughly translated to 2.5 – 3 hrs. When we came to the fork where we had to decide – I decided to drop the plan – our route to Belur was via the Ghat section and I was not too comfortable hitting the Ghat section in the late evening. Even if you drive carefully, if the other driver is either drunk or reckless – nighttime automatically places you at a disadvantage. I did not want to take that chance and so we both agreed that Sringeri shall happen sm other time. 

By then, the Arien was hungry and as a result cranky and irritable. We decide to get some biscuits in an attempt to handle the hunger especially as most resturants that we visited had what we call Bullet Rice (Kerala rice). I opt for the chocolate cream biscuits that look enticing. However, the cream biscuit actually did not have cream. What it had was – something akin to “Shakkarra Achhu” – in Yellu Bella functions, there is a sugar structure like a Taj Mahal, Rose, etc. which is made entirely of sugar and is pretty hard to bite – most children lowe it – I did 🙂 After so many years – finding it as the filling on my cream biscuit – jes totally killed it tho’ 😦 We decided to stop at the nxt resturant, however small it was – it was indeed small – we asked them what they had – the guy says “Dosa-Parota”. The Arien chooses Parota while I go for Dosa – it is made at that time and served hot. As we eat, a person sitting nxt to us – tries to veer us off destination – telling us to go via a particular route and we are both a lil suspicious – does he want a lift? Was it safe to give a lift to a stranger? I remember every scary movie that I have watched and am signalling end of conversation to the Arien – he can be a lil gullible at times – I had no plans of taking an axe murderer with me 😛 (I do have a vivid imagination). We leave the resturant having paid Rs.20 for the meal that was both jes right and tasty and are totally amazed – I vividly recall the Poonj experience and I know for sure that the Arien is thinking of the same and we both smile.

RamKshetraWe procced to Dharmasthala, on the way- we pass Rama Kshetra – no time to go in and so I shoot some snaps while the Arien tries to figure out if the guy was telling the truth or was looking for a lift. He does not find any answers – the drivers are taciturn, probably tired out, and nobody confirms or denies anything. Grrr… I got some good shots though. There is a considerable amount of ornate and intricate carvings on the outside. By virtue of being so close to Dharmasthala and looking so awe-inspiring – it was assured a lot of visits. I, was of course, not one of the lucky ones. 

The Arien was worried – not recieving any answer made it kinda worse – suppose we were wrong and the fool guy at the resturant was right? We would b wasting precious time by roaming arnd here and in the process reach the Ghat section late. Tht had me worried too… at least Dharmasthala was close by. We promised each other that we won’t spend tooo much time here as that may totally mess things up. Post Abhi baaakhee hai mere dost – Wait up 🙂


Udipi – Day 5

The Fishing NetThe day dawned bright and sunny and surprisingly, both of us decided to catch the sunrise at the beach. Ok…Ok.. It was not exactly sunrise time but it was early in comparison with our waking time on holidays. The Arien was a lil worried that we may end up seeing stuff that may forever spoil the beach in our eyes as this was not exactly a private beach – and lots of  fishermen lived next to the Resort – Thankfully, nothing untoward had happened, or was happening when we reached the beach. We were the only ones on the beach. The first thing, we noticed was a huge net that was spread across the entire beach. I think the fishermen had finished their first fishing visit already. The beach looked soothing, calm, and so we decided to spend the evening at the beach again.

The plan was to proceed to Malpe beach after breakfast at our Resort. We came down to the common area for breakfast a good hour later – to find a hungry cat that kept mewing while walking under the dining table. I have a horror of any moving thing that is under my chair – I usually shriek, scream, and jump out of chair and generally end up creating a scene. Not wanting to embarrass myself or the Arien, I kept an eye out for the cat. The breakfast was cup Idli which resemble Sannas. Sannas are like idlis, only fatter, and are a favorite snack item for mangaloreans – Progrm has brought this for lunch many a time and I have always said “Oh this is Idli” and she wud b like “No – they are called sannas”. Anyways, this guy called it a cup idli. While I was distracted by the cup idli, the hungry cat decided it wanted to eat too and while it thought it was making itself a la puss in boots – I was shocked out and pushed the table with the cup idlis, sambhar dish, and chutney, away frm me so I could get up. The Arien was faster and caught the table so there was no mishap – the cat ran away and I sat down amidst rude stares frm others. I murmurmed a “Sorry” to the table in general and a “Thanks” to the Arien while he was wolfing down the cup Idlis. Was I mad? You bet I was… When I make Idlis at home – they are largely ignored or eaten “naam ke vaasthe” types (I’ll have 1 – Ok I’ll have 2 b’cos you made it -blaaaaah) and here he was gobbling away. The mystery was soon solved – the hungry cat was being fed by the Arien – two birds with one stone!!

The whole malpe thing was an amazing fiasco – surprising but true! B’cos of morning drama – we left at 11 a.m. and St. Mary's Islesit was pretty warm – by the time we reached Malpe beach – I did not honestly want to step out of AC vehicle at all. We decided to visit the Paradise Isles Resort that is a sister organization of the Palm Grove Resort – the look was so different – Palm Grove wud b a country cousin in comparison. We had an interesting 1.5 hr roam as we chked their facilities including the rooms, resturants, etc. etc. The young manager was very obliging and this inspite of his knowing that we did not plan to stay at their resort. When we came out of the resort, we realized that both of us were tempted to shift to Paradise Isles – well, we were already off-budget – I did not want us going overboard with this trip and so we convinced ourselves it was ok to guz this tempting offer and go on to St. Mary’s Isles. This picture was taken from the Malpe beach. When we reached the destination where boat rides were arranged, we were told that there was no way we could go to St. Mary’s Isles as the boat would move only at capacity (arnd 60 ppl) or we pay as much so we can go there. Plus, being a weekday, there won’t b so many ppl going on tht ride at this point of time, the ticket checker happily informed us – making it clear that waiting was not going to help. I remember a comment made by a dear friend, who had been there almost a year ago, the essence of which was – missing the St. Mary’s Isles was no beeg deal- and so that is the only snap of that location.

We decided to head to Udipi and have lunch at Mitra Samaj. Another Kela – most of the places were shut today – we were totally taken aback. We had our lunch at Woodlands. The food was ok – cud have been better – no complaints really – after a heavy oota – we decided we were going to Manipal which was pretty close to Udipi and check out some tourist hot spots. We went around hunting for a place known as the Heritage Village – which was supposed to be a tourist spot and the Hasth Shilpa. Beeeg Kela! Some of the locals had no clue where the two places where – some even had difficulty pronouncing the names – we drove arnd – got lost – went round and round till the Arien was ready to burst a blood vessel. I quickly dropped the plan. We finally went back to the resort. The resort owner was a lil displeased with us as we had all our meals outside and sent his boy to ask us if we wanted dinner and we said “No” in unison. We decided to have tea/coffee to appease him and totally regretted the decision – if tht was tea – I am so glad I had so far eaten out – the Arien refused to take the second sip – he is wht most ppl consider fussy 😛

Crows on the BeachAfter taking rest, we went to the beach again – it was a 5 mt walk. We had decided to carry sm snacks in a bag so we did not have to cut short the beach time and instead be there until late evening.  The first thing that surprised us was the number of crows… they seemed happy and not too worried ’bout us which was curious but was fine by us.  After playing in the water for a while – we noticed that the crows were poking at our bag – apparently, for food. This was getting crazy and so we opened the snacks, shared it with them, and generally took a nice chat break while we stared at the endless water. The Arien enjoyed his role as a giver of snacks and took it the nxt level – forgot tht the snacks were actually meant for us and not for the crows… Grrr 😦 After the snacks were gobbled up by our new-found feathered frends – they left – we continued playing in the water, collected sea shells, Moonlightwalked along the beach, took a stick and started writing in sand, … and soon it was late evening and then nite. The moon looked totally romantic – I guess it was a full moon day – or nearing that anyways – it was glowing and kept us enraptured – not 4 loong tho’. The Arien is practical at all times and he announced that it was time for dinner – right in the middle of my loong talk on the lovely moon and how beautiful it was looking etc etc. I burst out laughing 😀 

Our plan was to head to Woodlands at Udipi again – I was tempted to suggest eating at the resort so we didn’t have to drive to Udipi but knowing the Arien – I knew it was well and truly a wasted initiative – it wud be best if I drop all plans of lazing and got dressed for dinner at Woodlands. 

The entrance to Udipi was totally lit up and looked awe-inspiring yet again. Udipi EntranceWe decided to visit the temple this time. First surprise was to see the A/C inside the temple. Both of us were pleasantly surprised at that. I was sure that was new. My memories had indeed served me right – there was an in-house kolam inside the temple – I can still recall how we were pushed, pulled, dragged, and shoved when I had been here with my family, a loong time ago. The experience was distinctly different this time around – maybe b’cos I was a lot older or maybe b’cos it wasn’t as crowded. Whtever the reason – I felt calm.


The place was lit up like day before and there was this balloon man who was  claiming all the attention of the kids. He appeared impressed that we were taking his snap and struck a nonchalant pose.

Udipi looked lovely and I was jes thinking that I would have missed this, had I decided to stay back at the resort and I was really thnkful to the Arien for this visit.

All lit upDinner at Woodlands was ok – did not damage our budget – but did not help it either – the place was xtremely popular by the number of ppl waiting and the quick service – it reminded me of Shanthi Saagar during the weekends. We had a quick dinner and the Arien looked pretty tired too and so we decided to get back to the resort – we were going to Belur, Halebid tomorrow – if all goes well and according to plan. As we left Udipi, the one thing that stayed with us was the festive look.  

When we reached the resort, we were totally tired out and ready to crash. We planned to leave post breakfast so we could cover quite a few places of interest on the way rather than move from Point A to Point B. End of Day 5!

Mangalore – Day 3 – Final

Day 3 – Final

After a lazy and expensive lunch at the Poonj International, which we both did not like, we proceeded to Nisargadhaama. The day had turned very hectic and I was wondering if we should take a break – of course, the Arien disagreed. Anyways, forward march to Pilikula Nisaraga Dhaama.  Pilikula Nisarga dhaama consisted of four parts: biological reserve, regional science centre, heritage valley and boating.

I entered the biological reserve, very sure that we were going to walk for a loooong time and I was not going to like it at all. The Kaveri Nisargadhaama at Mysore was honestly, a complete waste of time.  However, I held my tongue as we entered this one. Firstly, this was a wildlife enclosure and totally unlike the Mysore Nisargadhaama.  Secondly, I could hear some roars 😀 We started walking towards the cages that housed smaller animals – most of which had a board that said “Under repair – animals moved to another cage” or something akin to that. I was beginning to lose patience.. what kind of biological reserve was this – no animals at all. Grrrr… Suddenly, we heard another Grrr..  lions roaring at a distance. I was tempted to rush where they were as they sounded angry and hungry.

At last, we would see some animals. However, we saw the tigers, first. There was a huge crowd waiting to watch the tigers who were so far off that we needed the Zoom lens of the camera to actually see them clearly. Beeg Cats People moved off in search of the noisy lions and we stood there waiting to see the tigers  come closer. I guess that the tigers decided to reward us for our patience. We soon found them frolicking, and fighting among themselves. They also looked very cute – more like beeg kittens – ob. they are from the same family! I was soon yelling “Take tht shot – This one – one more of that – That one – look how it is standing – so majestic- and so on… ” till the Arien told me that I was scaring the tigers away… Grrrr..

They had this unique trick which for a non-Discovery watcher like me, was more than a lil amazing. They would suddenly go totally still for a loooong time and while you are wondering Wassup? – they suddenly charge with so much force – that you feel breathless.. they did the whole “statue and then charge” pretty often after that – and even though I was watching for it – the sheer speed with which they charged made me re-think my “beeg kittens” name for them.  
They also hit each other on the head in a playful Tigers Playingmanner – they seem to enjoy that quite a bit – you can kinda figure out that they are having fun. They hit each other in so many ways – swatting the annoying companion kinda hit, the slap, the stop that – hahahaha – you stop – no you kinda hit, and oh so many more.   I felt like a total kid as I stared at them in awe.  Btw, you can get very badly hurt if you happen to be at the receiving end of any of those punches 😛
Anyways, we spent a lot of time with the tigers. After they slowly moved away, Lionesswe moved on to the next location. We saw the lioness sitting majestically atop a stone bench and the lion was skulking somewhere – not venturing close to the lioness at all – me thinks it was one of those Miya-Biwi fights 😉
She looked so angry that I really did feel that the Lion had done something foolish. We cud vaguely make out that the lion was around – but it did not come anywhere close to the lioness.. no sign of any cubs either and so we moved on.
The reserve had an amazing snake farm – the Arien, fully impressed, starts shooting and sharing information which honestly, I, was too terrified to assimilate.  The only thing I do remember is that there are spectacle snakes and non-spectacle snakes. By spectacle, I am referring to the “V” symbol on the snakes that can be seen when they raise their hood to attack. The “spectacle” on the snake is associated with Hindu religious symbolism in India and so it took me a while to understand what the Arien was trying to say. Pythons
We also saw quite a few pythons – coiled amongst themselves – looking drowsy and menacing at the same time.  We saw the amazing King Cobra as well. KingcobraIt was black in colour and though it did not really blend with the background – it took me a while to figure out where it was – I was sure it wud land on me frm smwhere above and so I kept looking up. The Arien laughingly remarked that I have watched way too many scary movies… Grrr..  where, he continued,  animals, villains, and dragons jump at you frm behind or above to a scary music note.  I had no response for that one – seeing so many snakes – one after the other – either hanging on a branch – or coiled around each other – or blending very well with the surroundings – had made me all twitchy and tense. The Arien was happily shooting away, identifying dead snakes, and trying to make me feel comfortable – I was happy when we moved away from them all.  
From out of the blue, one of the workers from the Reserve decided that he was going to be our guide and happily led us to various cages which had some really weird animals that were nocturnal – hid away from light during the day – and some mutations (Ok – I mean, hybrid animals).  JunglecatThis is a picture of  a Jungle Wild Cat – which looks like a hugeee chubby cat – reminds you of Garfield – looks more like an overweight cat, to be honest. All these animals shy away from light and all the cages are hidden inside a tent made of black tarpaulin kinda material. You have to kinda watch your step as it is more or less a makeshift option. Most of the animals are sleeping – some are hyper – we saw a huge squirrel – the size of the jungle cat – running up and down the glass enclosure – till we kinda felt giddy – we took so many snaps – but it kept running and so all we had was a blur – it wud wait exactly a second and while we thot – lets take the snap – it wud dash to the opposite side. I guess it thot we had got food for it and when it realized there was no food – it jes ran to the opposite end. 
We also saw quite a few members of the deer family: Sambhars, Bucks (including the famous Black Buck) and mouse deer. BlackbuckThe moment the guide said “Black Buck” – we both said “Salman Khan” and smiled – The Guide laughed too and said “Nowadays – whenever I mention Black Buck – ppl are instantly reminded of the Salman Khan case – it is an endangered species – which is why the case caused so much hullaboo”.  Most deers look terrified when you move closer to them – the Black Buck however, looked terrified while we shot this snap, from quite a distance. Something I did not know-  not all Bucks are black – there are the normal brown coloured buck as well.  We took snaps of both – the brown buck looks like a regular deer – what makes it different is the horn.
We also saw a rather fat Sambhar deer which totally ignored us – did that stop us frm taking the pic – NO!! 🙂 SambhardeerThe Arien believes the Sambhar is pregnant – I am not so sure – I do not watch Discovery, you see 😛  We saw quite a few spotted deer – thts kinda expected – any zoo, reserve that you visit – you will end up seeing lots of spotted deer and so this was no exception.  I was introduced to a unique type of deer known as the Mouse Deer.  In this picture, the deer that is closer to the clump of trees – farther away frm the camera is the mouse deer – watch the snout or nose – that is a dead giveaway! Somehow, deer always look terrified – that makes me feel guilty ’bout taking their pics or watching them for too looong.
I was tired from walking sooo much – I needed something cold to drink and while I was dreaming of fresh fruit juice – I started initiating the “Lets get going – we may miss the best part” kinda discussion which never fails with the Arien. And then, I saw these lovely birds in a cage and screamed “Wow! Eagles”. I think it is a mark of the Arien’s weariness that he did not Roll on the Floor Laughing (ROFL) and instead remarked that those lovely birds were Kites. I went “uhhh..” and then turned away so the Arien did not notice my face going red 😦  Must watch more of Discovery and Animal Planet when I go home – this was way too embarrassing. Thankfully, the guide had left to feed the lions, after collecting his fees for the guide services rendered.  KitesThank God for small mercies!!!
 On our way out, we saw the porcupine. I decided not to scream the name out loud to be told that that was sm other animal and instead when to check the board that was in front of the cage – I smhw thought the porcupine wud look like a cactus and not really like this at all… Lessons 😦 It was a porcupine that was camera shy – after attempting various shots – we were left with this sad shot – at least you can figure out that it is a porcupine 😀
PorcyAfter all the walking, I was hoping they had  sm refreshments – I was not disappointed – we got sm amazing musumbi juice at the very sad looking juice counter – the Arien was re-charged and I was also feeling very relaxed and happy.  As we went to the Boating section, it was late evening and we could hear as well as feel the numerous mosquitoes and so we decided to opt out 🙂
We shopped for a few cute looking accessories (clay ear-rings n pendants) and then decided it was time to head back. We had a hectic day ahead – we had to check out of the hotel – visit Panamboor beach, if poss – travel to Udipi – hectic day ahead.
By the time we reached the hotel – we were dead beat – the Arien was fit to be carried to his room – he was that tired 😦 We managed to lug ourselves to the room and ordered room service – Ah!! Life’s little luxuries 😀  End of Day 3!

Udipi – Day 4 – Contd. – Lakshadeepanthara

Entrance to Udipi
Entrance to Udipi

Deciding to visit Udipi was an afterthought – one that we debated as we drove out of Plam Grove resort. There were two resturants that were pretty close to each other and before we could blink, we had crossed them. The Arien had decided – we were going to visit Udipi.

Day 4

We enjoyed the cool breeze and enjoyed the short drive to Udipi. The entrance to Udipi is pretty impressive.  Considering that the place Udipi, is synonymous with Srikrishna – a scene from the Mahabharatha where Krishna is the maharathi – does make you want to stare in awe. We decide that we must make the temple visit in the morning and so we better find a place to have dinner. I had been to Udipi – a long time ago – as a child with my parents. I was trying to recall if I could remember anything. All I could remember was that our feet would get very dirty inside the temple as there was a Kolam inside the temple where we are supposed to cleanse our feet. I could vaguely recall that the diety could be seen through a small window outside. The diety was pretty small and made of gold. I remembered that the place was terribly crowded. Anyway, we were not going to the temple today. Plus, it is dark and I am unable to even figure out where the entrance was 😦

Kovil RathamAs we entered Car Street, I was amazed at the activity in front of us – there were zillion lights all-arnd. I speak to a local and am informed that today is the Lakshadeepanthara festival. The crowd looked scary and I was worried ’bout our backpack that contained the camera, purse/vallet, etc. etc. We needn’t have worried – ppl had come to see the lord. Anyways, we decided to watch the goings on before having dinner. I feel xtremely lucky that we have come at this time.  

Suddenly, we see the temple chariot or Kovil Ratham, travelling towards us, I urge the Arien to take the camera out and shoot a picture. The entire place holds a festive look and there are people selling balloons, bhel puri, idols of the god in all shapes, sizes, and materials – I feel like I was at a Jaathre. 

After the Ratham went its way, we entered a chuntu hotel that could probably manage about 30 ppl at one shot – called the Mitra Samaj on Car street, which is pretty close to the temple. Outlook DosaThe service was fantastic and we started off with the famous Goli Bhajji – which according to the waiter was very popular there. For the few of us, who know Progrm – these are the Mangalore Buns. 😀

After wolfing down the Goli Bhajji, we decided to have what was written in the menu as an Outlook Dosa. We happily ordered for two outlook dosas. The waiter asked us to order one and after we finish, we could order another one. We said OK. I was curious until the dosa arrived. It is so huge – that finishing two was going to be impossible. I was pretty impressed by his thoughtfulness. I decided to have a vanilla shake and the Arien chose to have a Coffee. The bill came to less than Rs. 100/- We both grinned from ear-to-ear – we were going to b back on budget and we may actually be able to be within the limit… YIPPEEE!! 

We drove back to the Palm Grove resort and decided to sleep early. As we neared the resort, we noticed that there was a powercut – both of us had shocked expressions – we were hoping against hope that the resort had a generator – we did not recall seeing one. Thankfully, the resort did have one. We fell asleep – tomorrow we were going to Malpe, St Mary’s Isles – so we needed a lot of rest 😀

Mangalore – Udipi – Day 4

After an amazingly hectic Day 3 – I was dying for a break – but today was the day we were going to Udipi and so let me not think ’bout the break. Today was also the day we realized that our budget for the trip was shot 😦 Everytime we ate at the restuarant – we compared the prices with our Bengaluru prices and smiled. However, eating out everyday can mess up ur budget and we found that out while writing the accounts for the last 3 days.

Day 4
After having messed the Panamboor beach visit, I was eager to make amends by suggesting that we go there in the morning before we check out of the hotel and proceed to Udipi. dscf1106The Arien was amazed, I can tell you – he had been sure I would say “Lets laze the morning away’ – Thats why I like to be unpredictable – it works everytime 😀 So we started for the Panamboor beach – I thought I knew the way but I was mistaken and the person whom we asked said that we were on the right track – though both of us felt otherwise.
Anyways, we lost a lot of time going towards Ullal beach and then we had to turn around and head towards Panamboor. These things are pretty nornal when you travel to a place you have not been to but Arien was cheesed off. He wanted to kick the guy whom we had asked 😀
We finally reached the Panamboor Beach which has a board, well hidden by trees that says “Welcome to Mangala” – Ob. the “ore” pronounced “oor” was added a lot later. Mangalore was originally called Mangala – Hmmm.  Must tell Mangala that. 😛
While I pointed this out, the Arien was more intent on reaching the beach and ’bout the loss of time and growled in response. As usual, it was pretty warm by the time we reached the beach. dscf1111We walked around the beach enjoying the breeze, waves as we walked the length of the beach.
There were not too many folks out and it looked lovely. It was sunny and so we tried to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays using a colorful floral umbrella that looked totally out of place in the Arien’s hands 😀 
We collected quite a few shells as we walked along the beach – I saw that some of these shells kinda disappeared into the sand after the wave went back – we also saw a dead star fish – it was black on one side.
As it started getting sunnier, I suggested moving back to the Hotel, checking out and get started on the journey to Udipi – which was readily agreed to by the Arien – I guess the sun killed his enthu.
We ate at a local resturant for budget reasons and moved towards Udipi. On our way, we passed Suratkal – did not have time to see the Suratkal beach and so we sped on. The resort was 20 km shy of Udipi. I was hoping we would not lose our way once again.  Thankfully, we did not. The first sight of the resort was heartening. We felt that this part of the  trip would probably be sooper – in fact, better than what it was earlier. Well, that was before we saw our rooms 😦
Well, for now, we were absolutely thrilled 🙂 The beach was 5 mts away and looked awesome. Of course, the first thing I noticed was that it was a coconut grove and not palm as specified – well, that kinda bugged me – anyways- we spoke to the person-in-charge and went to check out the room. We had the beeegest shock. It could have been a HomeStay – def not a resort.
On Day 3, we had checked out the Summer Sands resort which was simbly funtastic and they were charging the same as Paradise Isles and we felt that since our trips were not the “Lets stay in the room and watch TV” types – so we felt – y waste the amount. That was a mistake. 😦
Anyways, the Arien was terribly cheesed off – not that I was happy but whats the point in getting upset – either we decide to move out or we stay and if we are staying – it is better to find sm reason to b happy. I am not usually like this … So it was a welcome change. 😀 Anyways, the beach was 5 mts away and so we need not get so bugged ’bout the staying arrangements – was wht I decided.
We felt like some rest – and thot it wud be a gud idea to rest a bit – we were asleep in 5 mts – Arien was snoring away and we actually awoke 2.5 hrs later – I guess we did not know how tired we were. 😀