Mysore Palace — Beautiful Lighting

MysorePalaceThe same evening we decided to visit the Mysore Palace. The Dussera crowd was scary and I would have liked to say ‘we held hands’ but I think I was too frightened to let go of the Arien’s hands 🙂 Crowds in general have that effect on me – thanks to old hindi films (mela mein kho gaya specifically) which I watched mesmerized as a kid.  We walked in late evening after a nap (we are on holiday, nap tho banta hai!) and while I worried we were too late, we were in fact just in time. PowerGen I cannot resist masala puffed rice and they were selling them inside the palace premises. We spent a few minutes haggling over the price and when we looked up, the palace was all lit up and looked heavenly.

To keep the entire place so beautifully lit up must cost a lot of money which may or may not be equivalent to the money received as a result of tourist inflow. When these thoughts assailed our mind, we noticed that they had a cycle stall and everyone who cycles at that stall was actually contributing to some of the power required for the palace to be so beautifully lit up. Loved the idea. Did not actually cycle but there were so many folks who were eager to. We moved closer to the palace.

1-MP-entranceAs we moved away from the entrance, the Arien wanted to take a1-MP-entrance-1 picture of the doorway from which we entered. It looked so beautiful now. I thought we should also take a picture of the other entrance for balance. On the left is the entrance from which we entered and on the right is the other entrance. We did not walk all the way though. There was ample security provided. Lots of policeman near the entrances and generally walking around. Both the entrances looked very well lit and was totally worth the trip.

Mysore PalaceDuring Dussera, programs are also organized in front of the palace. A nice dais is created for artistes to sing carnatic music with accompaniments. There are ample seating arrangements for the audience. But, it is unfortunately not at all a match for the number of people who land up. The ample arrangements fell short of the actual crowd that landed up at the palace around at that time.

There was a temporary structure – more like a scaffolding – on which logs were kept and we actually stood on that to watch the program. Lot of people were standing there and waiting for smne seated to leave so they could occupy that seat. It was that crowded. Mysorepalace-1

There was an amazing energy to the place – the lighting, the singing, the crowd, the folks at the scaffolding, everything made one feel charged. The last time I felt like that was when I attended a Bryan Adam’s concert – yes, that long ago 😦

After a totally charged up visit, we headed out to our hotel after having dinner. It was a nice end to a hectic toursity day.


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