Delhi Darshan — Humayun’s Tomb (Last Post)

The last and final destination was Humayun’s tomb. By then, we were quite tired and slightly bored with the guide, the bus, the darshan, and to a certain extent our co-passengers. However, the walk to Humayun’s tomb was quite pleasant for a change. It was like a garden with trees dotting the pathway to the tomb. There was also a nice breeze which added to the pleasantness. Both the Arien and self felt better almost immediately.  We seemed to be walking forever but we had no complaints. It was cooler outside and we actually got to talking a bit because the guide, as usual, was walking at least 300 mts away from us.

As usual, as soon as we started chatting, the Arien got busy shooting pics and guzzed me. Well, he is like that and I should be used to that by now. Well, I had no complaints because I needed those pics for my blog 🙂  You can see that he has been shooting the same pic from different angles. I started walking ahead so the arien could take more pictures. I was not sure where the tomb was and how we would identify the tomb when we bumped into the guide. She informed us that the tomb looked a lot like the Taj Mahal. And then, all of a sudden, just very much like the Taj, Humayun’s tomb appeared out of the blue. The guide was far far away and the Arien and myself wondered ’bout why Humayun’s tomb looked just like the Taj but was red in colour.

We walked closer to the guide and she said that Humayun’s tomb was made of red sandstone and actually, came first. Funny na? As usual the Arien was away shooting pics. I went on ahead and befriended the foreigner who hardly spoke and who had had her head buried in a book. She was actually quite friendly. She shared some details ’bout her Jaipur trip which was very useful to us because we were leaving to Jaipur the next day. SCORE!!

As we walked along to view the tomb, the foreigner urged us to visit Pushkar. We both blinked. We had no clue. As we walked, we saw some workers restoring  the roof. There were gaping holes in some places and the paint was kinda peeling. I was quite surprised and happy that someone was taking caring of these heritage sites. It was quite high and we felt dizzy looking up at that them – I wondered how they must feel atop that temporary scaffolding.

We were running late, the guide was yelling at us to move and there were so many monuments yet to see. The guide yelled once again and we had to rush. The Arien rushed to take one last snap. This was of a monument that we both had no clue about. With the guide going crazy, we really cud not ask her either. That was the last part of the Delhi Darshan. We were glad to return to our hotel. I checked online ’bout the monument. It was the tomb of  Isa Khan Niyazi. The End.