Vythri — A visit to remember

After repeated visits to Yercaud, Ooty, Mysore, I was simply too fed up. This trip to Vythri, Wayanad was something I wanted. This was a repeat visit too but it has been so many years since we visited that I thought it was a good option. The Arien obsessed over starting early and for once I decided not to mess that up. So, surprisingly, we were up and away by 7.30 am which was a super achievement 🙂 The libran toddler who wakes up at 6:15 every single day – woke up at 7 that day but we were still able to get away by 7:30.


It was a nice, long drive. The libran toddler fell asleep for some part of it. Cannot blame him – it was  a long boring drive for him. I had a bad cough and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. The Arien was also not feeling all that well. But, we made good time. The route we followed was: Bangalore – Breakfast at Up South – Nanjangud – Gundlupet – Sultan Bathhery – Kalpetta – Resort.

Sitting Area

Where we would stay was discussed, fought over, agreed to two months earlier. I wanted to stay someplace else but the Arien felt it was too expensive and so on and so forth till we both agreed on the Windflower Spa and Resort. We reached the resort around 2 pm.


As always, we had tonnes and tonnes of luggage – hotel staff invariably wonder if we are staying for a month. We settled the luggage in and then went for lunch. Lunch was ok – not great.

Comfy Chair with foot stool

The room was nice. It was actually a suite with a sitting area and an attached balcony (nice n wide), and a bed room. The bathroom was simply huge. We totally loved it. The resort had a number of monkeys and so we were asked to keep the balcony door closed all the time and to not keep anything valuable in the


The libran did not want to spend any time inside the room and was busy pulling at his Dad’s trousers and pointing out. The libran is happiest outside and so after a nice long walk, we expect him to smile and be happy but he will cry and throw tantrums because he wants to be out longer.

Both of us are usually at wits end and will try all sorts of diversion tactics. He will calm down just as suddenly and play with his cars as if that crying, yelling, screaming episode did not happen. That happens every day at home but we were surprised it happened on that day as well.

We were quite tired from the drive and would have loved to snooze in the afternoon but that was not to be. We just hoped we could sleep early so we could do some sight-seeing the next day.