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Fatehpur Sikhri – Part II

After taking a dozen or so pictures of the monuments, including the central platform that was joined by four bridges which was supposed to be used by the poet Tansen to regale the king, we had to pose for an equal number of filmi snaps which our guide insisted on taking. (Nope – Not sharing!)

We were then taken by auto to the Jama Masjid that housed the famous Salim Chishti’s tomb. It was hardly a few minutes by walk but it was awfully sunny and so we were thankful for the auto. The guide accompanied us as we climbed the stairs to one of the entrances to the Jama Masjid and we could just about see the Bulund Darwaza from outside.

The moment we were inside, we realized that it was quite unlike other monuments. It was filthy and stank. I could not believe that a place of worship could be this dirty. We were taken in a roundabout route across a lot of graves to a guy who was selling us a shawl that we should place atop the tomb. The Arien flatly refused to enter the tomb and the man who was selling the shawl slowly lost his temper and was almost rude. It was ob. the guide had a sm sort of understanding with the shawl-seller. When he realized tht the Arien was not going to budge, the seller told me that I should go instead. I was not so sure that I wanted to go inside the Tomb alone. Both the guide and the shawl-seller stopped short of calling us “Rascala” for not helping them in their money-making scheme.

After taking a picture of the Salim Chishti tomb, more to show no disrespect, we wanted to leave. The Salim Chishti tomb was of a brilliant white colour and looked totally out of place inside the masjid and looked very serene and peaceful.

 I was quite tired by this time of our guide, the masjid, Fatehpur Sikri and hungry as well – it was way past our lunch time and we had had breakfast at the Delhi railway station. As soon as we got back into our car, we asked the driver to stop at a hotel for lunch before we reached Agra. He selected a hotel that was quite expensive but did not accept cards. We had no option but to leave because we did not carry enough cash. We walked out in the hot sunny day to find the driver missing. He came running after a few minutes with his lunch parcel. Ob. he had an understanding with the hotel guy.  Grrr.. we finally had to have lunch at some roadside dhaba.


Purani Dilli ki Sair (SightSeeing in Old Delhi)

We started our first day with a visit to the Jama Masjid at Purani Dilli or Old Delhi. The Jama Masjid is one of the most famous mosques of old Delhi and was built by Shah Jahan. After taking a rickshaw to Chawri bazaar from the nearest metro station, we walked up to the south gate of the Jama Masjid. The picture on the right is the south entrance of the Jama Masjid. To reach the soth entrance, we had to walk a looooong way under a covered bazaar that was quite crowded. It was a sunday and maybe that was the reason. There were shops on either side selling a variety of goods and most folks were either bargaining or fighting. 

When we finally crossed the bazaar, I looked up to realize that I was the only woman in the place. The few women I did notice were in a burqa or had their duppatta over their head. I was tense until I spotted a few foreigners at the entrance. The Arien stopped to take a picture of the bazaar that we had walked past. You can see the Red Fort or Lal Quila towards your left. The Arien was intent on taking more pictures while I stuck to the foreigners. 

The foreigners wanted to enter the mosque and I followed them when they stopped abruptly. We were asked to remove our footwear in a very rude manner and I decided I did not want to go in. The Arien also decided not to go inside for sm reason and mentioned maybe we should visit Chandini Chowk and shop for a while.  I was in total agreement only I was not sure how we could get out but we decided to follow a group and soon we were on our way out without visiting the bazaar once again.

At Chandini Chowk, we shopped like crazy and the prices were  honestly dirt-cheap. We purchased two bed spreads for the extended family after walking in and out of a dozen stores. The variety was good and the price was – as mentioned- shockingly cheap. I actually enjoyed shopping here though I was aghast at the filth everywhere. As we walked the length and breadth of the place, I came across a big outlet of HaldiRams and decided that we must halt here for a snack or late lunch. It was a veg place and so the Arien was not too happy. The place was bustling with people going ’bout the business of eating, gossiping, and ordering more food while others were involved in serving food and cleaning up the place. We had a lazy, relaxed lunch-cum-snack. I asked if we were allowed to take a picture of their outlet and was refused. So, you have a picture from across the road 🙂

The last stop for the day was the Indian Gate. It was quite dark by the time we reached there. I was worried that we will not be able to shoot nice pictures but I was mistaken. The Arien shot quite a few pictures here. We also snacked on the local chaat items and the ice-cream as it was still quite humid. We also took pictures from the photographers available there. The snaps came out pretty bad. We looked drenched in sweat with a beeg smile on our faces. I did not realize that we were perspiring that badly. I mean, ya, we felt it but did not realize how bad that wud look 😛

Did I share that Delhi was so humid, it was honestly terrible. I somehow thought Delhi during September would be great and we paid for our mistake. Plus, it was also drizzling continously. With all the humidity, AC, shopping, general excitement – it was but natural that I would lose my voice and I did. I was only surprised that it happened so quickly – within two days of arriving in Delhi 😦 My cousin informed us that it takes two months to get used to Delhi climate and its humidity after which all izz well 😀