Udhagamandalam (Ooty) — Yet another holiday there

My capri cousin planned a holiday to Ooty with his family and asked us to join him. If it was left to us, we would Spotted Deernot have taken a holiday at Ooty, that was for sure. We have been there dozens of times and had the Arien suggested Ooty one more time, a fight would have definitely ensued! We were not keen, considering it was Ooty and also because bookings are always messy when you plan at the last possible minute. But, we got ourselves a nice deal very close to the day of travel and so the plan was on. The Capri cousin was sure that I was calling to say that we were not coming when we shocked him with the good news (Yes, we were going!).

The drive as always was good though we took longer than usual to reach. The weather was great. Though we cribbed that any other place would have been better, we needed that break.

IMG_2441The drive as always is via the forest area and the Arien managed some nice shots of spotted deers and elephants. He got a particularly nice shot of the amazing horns that one of the deers had, which I am sharing here. The elephants looked kinda skinny – skinny for an elephant, i.e :)I am sharing a pic of the baby elephant whose ribs are sticking out.

This time we were staying at Lovedale (a small distance away from Ooty) and Capri cousin had planned a day at Conoor and was staying at Ooty for the rest of the holiday.

I recall that during our train ride, one of the stations that Resortwe passed was Lovedale. Well, here we were, going to actually stay at Lovedale. It is a nice place.

It was evening when we reached our resort, and after a number of wrong turns, we finally found the resort. We were not sure if we should visit my cousin at Coonor. My aunt said that she did not want to spend the evening worrying and wondering if we reached our resort safely after the visit. We agreed.

Our resort was picturesque and the Arien had some nice photo-ops. Our room was not all that great. The outside looked a lot better than the inside.The Arien took nice pictures and we had a nice lazy day at Lovedale.

RestaurantAfter a nice snack of Pakodas which we had not indulged in in a while, we felt even better. The restaurant at the resort was nice – bright and warm. Especially, considering the slight fog outside – it seemed absolutely cozy. It even had a fake fireplace 🙂 Dinner at the resort was yummy, served hot, and we spent a relaxed evening at the restaurant.

There were not too many people when we went and so the service was efficient. The group which came after us gave the restaurant folks a tough time.