Where we stayed @ Kodai

Because the Arien took so many snaps, I am writing a post exclusively to showcase the resort and the Arien’s snaps. You may recall that we took a while to find the resort but the wooden cottage was so beautiful and cozy that all our crankiness vanished when we were shown to our room. The resort is almost adjacent to Coaker’s Walk which was a big advantage in the sense that we could walk to one of the sight-seeing spots instead of taking the car. I think the resort will be lovely in the summer months. However, because we were there in November with almost no sun – the fact that I like the place inspite of it  means a lot.

We had a gigantic umbrella at our disposal in case we wanted to explore the resort during the incessant rain. Hardly a good idea during the awful rain but so useful when you want to get to your car from your lovely cottage without getting wet. The Arien wanted to take it with us as we went sight-seeing 😛 He can be funny at times.

The interior of the wooden cottage was almost L-shaped. As soon as you enter, the washroom is on your right. The wash area is a good example of how to use the available space well. The bed has been placed in the L-shaped space adjacent to the wash area with two arbid paintings on the wall. There are two side-tables on both sides with lamps fixed to the wall. Looks very cozy when the lights are switched on. The three stools in the corner look wobbly but are actually quite sturdy and comfortable.

There was a nice sofa-cum-bed type thing which was quite comfy. In fact, it became the place where we dumped the camera, wallets, purse, all the chargers (camera, cell, etc.), some eatbles, etc. etc. This snap was taken before it became the dumpyard of our stuff and as you can see – it looks neat and nice. The Arien liked the sofa-cum-bed a lot. He wanted to get a similar one for our home and took a zillion pics so he could explain it to our carpenter. Basically, it had a wooden base, or a gigantic palaga that was attached to the wall. Atop that sat two separate huge cushions (no other term comes to mind). Because the cushion was so comfortable, we did not realize the simplicity of the design. 

The resort was nice and service was good. We had a nice time. On the second day of our stay, the house-keeping folks arranged the towels in a swans-in-love like posture. Naturally, I was too engrossed in what I was saying that I did not notice it until I sat on the bed. I jumped and almost fell off the bed. I thought it was a snake! Instead of being a romantic surprise – it was a rude shock for me and the Arien burst out laughing.

He has taken two nice snaps of the towel decoration or hotel art.  Usually, big hotels have this and so it was kinda unexpected and very nice at the same time. Of course, that was after I got over my initial shock. The first snap is without any fancy lights – it looks kinda plain but captures all the details.

The second snap looks real romantic with all the lights and I personally like this snap better tho’ I gave a lot of grief to the Arien when he was trying to shoot this snap.


Kodai Sight-Seeing — Bryant Park

It was a brrrr.. day. Woke up at 4 am, shivering. Noticed that the Arien had wrapped himself entirely in the double Razai leaving me shivering in the cold. Grrr… Wrestled with the snoring Arien for the Razai, managed to some extent before I fell asleep listening to the rain. Woke up finally @ 8 am. We decided to go out for breakfast – it was still drizzling. We stuffed ourselves with typical South Indian fare – Idli, vadai, pongal etc. (If you stay at Bangalore, you probably have the sooji idli that does not taste as good.)  While we waited for the waiter to get our order, we spent some time planning our sight-seeing day. The first place we were going to visit was Bryant Park. We hoped that it would stop raining by the time we reached there. I had a call ~12 and so we had to be back in the cottage. The Arien’s server issue was resolved yesterday and so he was all set to enjoy the holiday!

When we reached Bryant Park, it had stopped raining. However, there was a mist and most of our snaps came out blurry. Of course, the Arien managed to take quite a few good snaps – as always! I tried to take some but they looked so bad – I deleted it 😀 I am sure the park would be a great photo op in better weather conditions but we were stuck with the mist. I guess I should be thankful that we did not have the rain!

This holiday reminded me of our Coorg holiday in July two years ago – thanks to the incessant rain and the mist. The Arien is intent on taking snaps in all weather conditions. 

 However, I did break into a giggle when I saw him taking a snap of a cob-web. Yes.. a cob-web. It was amazing that the cob-web existed inspite of the mist and the rain. We were quite surprised that we could get such a clear shot of the cob-web with almost no sunlight. The Arien walked around smiling and taking more snaps.

I wanted to take a snap of the mist and the path. You have no idea how difficult it is to pry the camera from the Arien. (I really need to get myself a camera). I usually do not try especially not in this weather when everything comes out blurry. So, I was real glad that one of them was good enough to post. Yeah!!! It was quite cold as we walked around. We saw a temporary structure inside the park where some of the employees were working, chatting, etc. All that stopped the moment we went closer. It felt so rude to take a snap that I decided against taking a snap though I really wanted to.

Meanwhile the Arien had seen the Emblem. It stood all by itself and the swirling mist all around gave it quite a romantic as well as scary touch. Scary because the trees in the background looked like giants because of the mist. We took snaps of each other on the bench placed near the Emblem. I have never seen the Emblem this close and so we went a lil crazy with the camera.

The bench also had this very quirky wooden log look which we both liked. I guess the Emblem was part of the Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations. They probably had added these benches for folks to sit and watch the celebrations. Today it was wet – thanks to the rain and the mist and we were the only folks at the place.

It was time to go. I had the call to attend and so we started moving towards the exist. We suddenly came in contact with a host of honeymooning couples under shared umbrellas either taking snaps or giggling. I was glad we were leaving because we would have been asked to take their pictures 😀 I am so mean! While I was walking away full speed, I realized tht the Arien was missing. I hoped that he was not caught by the honeymooning couples. I saw him taking pics of the flowers. After some trouble he was able to get a shot that he was satisfied with and we were ready to go. 

Because it was almost time for me to take the call, we rushed back to the cottage. I got ready to attend my first ever ofc call on a vacation while the Arien spent time shooting pics of the cottage we were staying in.  At that time, both of us were clueless ’bout the beeg mess ahead of us. We had left the headlights of our car switched on as we ran helter-skelter to the cottage so I could attend the call. We had not received any alert from our car that the headlights were on. Because of the mist and the rain, we had been driving with our headlights on for most part of the day. Thats for the next post – Tada!

Short Holiday @ Kodai in November

We decided to take a short break to Kodaikanal in November 2010. I can almost hear your gasp. A hill station in November – we must be crazy. Well…Can’t say I disagree! Kodai is a 11-hour drive from Bangalore. We started @ 5:45 am. (Ya, ya, ya .. it means we were supposed to start at 5 am). It was drizzling wen we started.  We both commented that this was the farthest he has driven though the trip to Mangalore took longer because of the awful ghat section. After zipping past the elevated tollway, a number of toll plazas, we stopped for breakfast @ SriKrishna ~7:30 am. We were making good time so far.  The weather turned warm and sunny as we moved towards Tamil Nadu. We stopped at a roadside restuarant near Karur for an ice-cream. You can see how sunny it was from the Umbrella in the poor waiter’s hand as he flagged passing by cars, buses etc. inviting them to visit his restuarant.

We got lost just after Dindukal and lost precious time. Had lunch at Vathalagundu (Yes, there is a place by tht name) after we found our way to Kodaikanal. The ghat section was totally unlike the hair pin bends at Ooty. There were landslides, here. At one spot, a tree had fallen and we were all driving around it. Quite spooky thanks to the rain.

As we were reaching Kodaikanal, we saw the Silver Waterfall but it was pouring and we could not get a nice picture or appreciate it. We kept going. It rained incessantly and killed all the enthu that we had. This is a snap taken of the same waterfall from a gazillion kilometers away.

To add to the confusion, we were unable to find the resort we had booked ourselves into. The Arien is apt to lose his temper wen we are unable to find the resort. We kept going forward and back instead of taking a left at a small nook. The resort folks were quite helpful but it was an irritating 1 hour in the rain.  But, we found it – Yeah!!!

After all the driving effort, we were quite happy to see our cozy lil wooden cottage. We ordered for some snacks in the room and relaxed.  The Arien’s crankiness disappeared. We usually spend some time planning the places that we will visit during the holiday. But, that was not done during this trip. I had a list of a few spots – one was right next to the resort and the others I was not too sure about.  However, we were stuck in the room because it was raining steadily.

All of a sudden, the Arien received a zillion calls because some server went down. He started checking his email, replying to emails while answering those calls.  We both commented on the probability of such events occuring only when the Arien was on vacation. We opted to have dinner at the room as well. No sight-seeing for today!