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How do I get to Maidenahalli?

Finally, the directions to Maidenahalli. You may recall my mentioning that the Arien found Maidenahalli for us. He was pretty impressed by the Birds and Bees blog that gave us detailed directions. I cannot share the directions without first acknowledging that writer’s effort. Thanks to her efforts, we had a great day. However, we got lost inspite of it 😦 I decided that when I was sharing directions, I will add snaps which may make identifying the actual left or the board or the temple easier. Well, I hope it is useful 😀 Here goes:

First of all, you must get to the Tumkur Highway (NH4). Jes before you reach Tumkur, take the diversion into NH4. Do not enter Tumkur as you may unncessarily lose a lot of time.  [We managed this part successfully]

Continue on this road  till you hit an under construction over bridge. This comes up almost immediately.  [We completely missed the over bridge – drove 15 kms off track and then did an about turn. The Arien was so cheesed off b’cos the direction stated 10 kms and we kept driving until it was 10 n then there was no over bridge 😦 We kinda follow directions to the T resulting in a lot of all this stuff.]

Here, take a right turn and continue on this road for about 45 kms till you reach Madhugiri. Keep going until you hit Hindupura Road. [This is a looong stretch and you will kinda wanna go “Are we there yet? …. Are we there yet”  every 5 minutes like the Donkey in Shrek and it is tempting.  Thankfully, I did not drive the Arien up the wall – he managed to make me mad by asking me if I had read the directions correctly – I did fling the printout at him in jest :D]

DSCF2124You will reach a Y junction after about 5 kms. ( This is the confusing place – Go left here.) Continue till you reach Puravara Village. [This is the place where the Arien refused to trust me and went right. We asked sm villagers and they directed us bk here and we kept going straight n then took an immediate left and kept going – hunting for the elusive temple – more in the next step.]DSCF2122

From here, continue on the main road for around 8 kms till you reach a temple on your left. [Again, there are no temples in sight for a looooong time, and then suddenly you think every temple you see is the temple mentioned in the directions. Surprisingly, some of the villagers happily tell u tht there are no temples arnd or point you to their temple which def is not the temple you are looking for. This part was really tough on the person driving.  The Arien was getting irriatated with me and I threw the directions at him, this time in absolute anger.  I stared out of the window so we both had time to calm down :D]

DSCF2119Slow down, go about a kilometer further. You will see a tar road bifurcating to the left (There is a completely rusted board in Kannada there – contents are unknown). You must take this left and continue till reach another Y junction, take the right arm.  [At tht time, there was an old man who was sleeping on tht bench. I was not too sure how to take the snap without including him when he woke up and decided to pose for the snap. I gave up. Then he started walking towards me. I think he wanted money but he terrified me so much, I gave the camera to the Arien and got into the car. The Arien managed to take this snap without the old man and we managed to leave before he reached us!!]

Continue on this for 1 km (you will pass a village, stay on the tarred road)You will observe a wide path. The tarred road bends left here. [This part was totally clear – the directions are precise and it feels like you have reached a dead-end but thts where the road turns left and all you gotta do is follow the road – which we did!]wineyard

Get on to the un-tarred road (its hard to miss) and you will see vineyards. [ We stopped here n took snaps – they looked so unbelievable – as if they jes sprung up suddenly. The Arien actually stood on a milestone to take this picture – the locals stared at us – I was totally embarrassed! The snap shows the entire stretch of the vineyard. If I had taken the pic – you wud have a picture of a barbed wire and the vineyards at a distance and u wud have wondered : Is tht the vineyard? It sure looks weird. So am I glad, I did not go with my pic? U bet I am. I am glad I waited for the Arien to take this one and tho’ I was totally averse to the Arien climbing on the milestone – the pic was good n so ob. I did not comment.]

DSCF2094About 300 mts further,  you will see this white board that indicates that smbdy helped restore the black buck reserve and the money involved. Everything is written entirely in Kannada. [It took me quite a while to understand wht was written. I lost interest after a while especially since a child of 7 was staring at me –  I had the sun in my eye and so was squinting n reading in faltering manner but loud n getting the letters all wrong. The Arien walks up and reads it all in one go – n walks away to ask a lady who is working hard if this was the way to the Black Buck Reserve. She asks us to go on straight on the mud road.]

Follow the mud road till you reach the observation tower. After you reach the Observation tower, take any mud road which your car can afford and pray. [The zillion stones on an untarred road makes such a loud noise tht a deaf buck wud probably b able to hear you 😀 The Arien was worried ’bout us having a puncture in the middle of nowhere. For once, I was least worried n urged him to take sm unsafe paths.  Ppl told us to walk up to the buck – if you had read my earlier post – U wud know tht the bucks have very sound hearing n so it was jes pure luck tht we saw sm bucks.]

Hope that helped… beeg drawbk is tht there are no restroom facilities or drinking water/food available. I am sure most of you are going to go  “Whoooaaaa??”  Yes – folks – the entire place is undeveloped (untarred rds, no directions, rusted boards, etc.) and so don’t go there assuming anything. The experience is once in a lifetime tho’ n I do not mean the missing restroom 😀 Chk it out sm weekend n let me know if the directions helped.