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Kodaikanal to Bangalore

The only tourist spot that we did not visit was the Silver Cascade Falls. The Arien mentioned that we could visit it on our way back. On the day we were set to leave, the day turned sunny and bright. After all the incessant rains, mist or fog, and absolutely gloomy weather for most part of the trip, it now changes colour jes like tht. Grrr… I was quite bugged and so was the Arien. Anyway, leave we had to.

As planned, on our way, we saw the Silver Cascade. A beautiful waterfall which looked more beautiful thanks to the sun! There were a lot of tourists around the place. It was quite difficult to shoot a picture but as usual the Arien managed to take one. After shooting a couple more pics, we left. The Silver Cascade shone like silver and looked lovely.

We had quite a distance to travel (11 hours) and it was already lunch time. We had planned to have lunch on the way and I knew he would choose a place that served typical south Indian meals 😦 Well, at least, I was feeling cheered and so did not kick up a fuss. The meal was actually ok. We bravely tried to finish the juice we had ordered as we moved to warmer conditions but the meal was actually, very filling. So, we asked them to “parcel” it and they obliged 😀

The drive was lengthy and tiring. We were glad to get back to home sweet home!