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Delhi Darshan in a Bus

As we left the hotel to go to Rajeev Chowk, both of us recalled our Mumbai darshan,  shuddered, and crossed our fingers. We reached on time to find that quite a few folks were already there. We had 3 foreigners travelling with us, an english-speaking guide, an AC bus – Woohoo. The first stop was the Laxmi Narayan Temple also known as the Birla Mandir. We were not allowed to take pictures. But, they had a big fan in the corner and both of us made our way to it. We sat as close as humanly possible to the fan. It was a warm, humid day and soon I did not want to get out of the AC bus. I also purchased a foldable fan for Rs. 10/- which was a totally ridiculous purchase.

The next stop was the Qutub Minar. All I remembered ’bout Qutub Minar was that there was an iron pillar which would grant you wishes if your arms could encircle it with your back to the pillar. Well, probably because of that belief and zillions of folks checking if that was true, the iron pillar now has a railing. Well, now there is no way you can check if that story is valid – can you?

Anyway, next stop was the Bahai Temple. The temple is a lotus shaped building which looks a lot like the Sydney Opera house. It is open to people of all faiths. It was quite humid and I decided not to go in. The Arien was also quite bored. The guide walked briskly and took the others into the temple while we waited outside. She had a lot of enthu and they had a lot of questions.

Gandhi Smriti was the next place we visited. Its more like a memorial for Gandhi and has a collection of his photographs. He was assasinated on his way to offer prayers. The foldable fan died a painful death at this place. I kid you not. We had lunch at The Indian Coffee House which was kinda terrible. The poor foreigners had no chance. They did not know what to order and that they had to stand in a queue to get the token. The guide did not have lunch with us. She probably disappeared to have lunch at some hi-fi place. ICH had lotsa tiffin options such as Masala Dosa, Plain Dosa, etc. and we asked the foreigners to chose from those amazing options. The Arien also had Coffee which he said was good. Chai was bad. I cannot believe that north Indians make bad chai. Anyway, onwards we march to the next place. Wooohooo!!