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Krishnaraja Sagar Dam and the Brindavan Gardens — Beautiful in the morning as well

Fountain-1So after breakfast, we drove down to KRS. A favorite filming location or shooting location in the 60s and 70s – before producers opted to shoot out of India. It is beautiful to look at, at night. People used to come from all over to watch the fountains and tell others that they have been to Brindavan Gardens. Nowadays, it is not so popular and during the day, it was almost empty.

This was good for us. The Arien could1-Fountain-2 happily shoot pictures and I could walk along without worrying if we have lost sight of each other. We were there ~10 am and had ample time to walk around and watch the water display which the folks were kind enough to turn on, probably for testing. The Arien spent a lot of time perfecting his shot. It can be a bit boring but this time I had no complaints. I was wearing comfortable shoes and we basically had no one for company and so I walked ahead.

1-DancingwaterWe pointed to some of the locations that were used almost always in most of the songs of a bygone era and laughed. All the funny dance moves against the backdrop of the amazing Brindavan gardens was a bit too much to re-imagine. On the left is a pic of the steps that any Sivaji Ganesan and/or Muthuraman has danced. The heroine usually runs down the steps to match the music or stops mid-way and makes funny faces. It is quite comical. I mean no offense to fans of those movies/ that music/ those dance moves.

On the right is a pic that I absolutely fell for – all the lamps in a row and the lampsflash of red – simply beautiful it was. The Arien is now a serious photographer and talks about filters, lenses and what nots while I nod like I get it. Its all OHT right now. Anyway, the Arien was thrilled at the amazing shots he was getting and there was no one around which made the shots even better.

royalorchidWe walked all the way to the end and we saw the Royal Orchid closeuphotel. I told the Arien that we must really make it a point to stay there sometime so we can jes walk down and take snaps when no one will be there. It is kinda pricey though.

Anyway, I asked the Arien to take two shots just in case we never stay there. The Arien felt I was overdoing it but did not argue and took the snaps. Well, we actually stayed at Royal Orchid in 2014 (2 years after this visit) and hopefully I will blog about that this year 😉

1-flora-1The Arien’s dragonfly mania took over yet again and soon he was shooting flowers and insects and insects on flowers etc. and sometimes shooting the same flower from different angles using different lenses etc. flora-2

I was the caddy who gave him the lenses and carried the rest of the equipment and I was getting bored. We still had to visit the zoo later today and I was not sure if we could manage that today. The flowers were pretty, the spiders were not, nor was the dragonfly and so I’ll include the pictures of two flowers which really looked nice rather than the other stuff.